Heroes of Might and Magic




A fabulous mix of Magic, Strategy and great graphics


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If there exists a representant for the Magic and Stragy games, it is Heroes of Might and Magic. And now we have te opportunity to play the demo for the next release of this marvellous game.

The sage of Heroes of Might and Might is followed by millions of gamers who are really integrated in the game.

The amazing and detailed environment of the new release will let you dissolve in the charming atmosphere of the regenerated universe full of the mysterious power of magic and noble longing for the battle.

A new graphic engine and thousands of hours of programmers in front of their computers have achieved a great game which will be loved by the followers of the sage and will reclute more ones for sure.

Now you will find new heroes and creatures who will make your journey even more fascinating.

This demo verion includes 3 playable missions (2 campaign missions, 1 custom game) - 2 playable races and 6 presets for Duel game

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